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I have spent at least half of my career as a contract engineer in the aerospace industry. I have been employed by Alliance Solutions for over two and a half years now, and I truly believe that out of all previous contract firms that I have worked for—even the good ones—none can compare to Alliance Solutions. Alliance has continually looked after me and my interests. I feel fortunate to be employed by a company that works for me. — Jimmy

I was hesitant to use a recruiter in Alabama when there are so many choices here in Wichita, but I have been very satisfied with the services and benefits Alliance Solutions has provided for me. They helped me get the job I have and are always quick to respond when I have questions or need help. — Andrew

I have been thrilled working with Alliance Solutions! Belinda Parton is friendly and easy to work with. She is knowledgeable about our industry, intelligent, professional, efficient, and you just know she will follow through so that everything will be done right! I recommend Alliance over any of the other agencies I have worked with throughout my career. — Donna

Belinda Parton of Alliance Solutions has been like my "silent partner." She has ensured that in my time with Alliance, everything has been trouble-free and payments are timely and accurate. — Jim, Stress Engineer

I now enjoy a great job with a great company. I have Belinda and Alliance Solutions to thank for that. I strongly recommend her and her company to any person or firm that needs recruiting services. Whenever the subject of hiring firms comes up, I always brag about how my job was handled. If I was a hiring manager, I would definitely employ Alliance Solutions to provide my firm with the necessary talent. — Tom, Applications Developer

I have been with Alliance Solutions for about six months and I would not hesitate to recommend them to someone else looking for a recruiter. — Ryan

I have worked with Alliance Solutions since January 2006, and my experience with them has truly been a wonderful one. Belinda Parton does an awesome job looking after the interests of her contractors. She is highly experienced and knowledgeable in her profession, and always finds the time to resolve contractor issues in a prompt and efficient manner. — M.N., Design Engineer

Alliance Solutions is a no-nonsense recruiter. I prefer to work with a small organization with minimum bureaucracy. Direct deposits are accurate and on-time; changes in 401K deposit percentages are handled promptly. I've heard of other shops requiring employees to sign hire-contracts with numerous legal limitations, but Alliance uses a simple one-page "Hire Letter" with basic information like wage and place of employment. — Ryan

Alliance Solutions has been committed to my career growth. I came to Alliance two years ago and I have no regrets. They consistently put people first. I hope Alliance continues to expand nationwide so other professionals can experience one of the best-kept secrets in the world of contracting. Cyrus, Design Engineer

I wholeheartedly recommend Alliance Solutions! I have worked exclusively with Belinda Parton for two years and she has always been extremely helpful, quick to answer questions, and very eager to help me with anything I have asked of her. Alliance would be an asset to any contractor! — Shannon, Design Engineer

I was chosen by Alliance Solutions among 23 engineers to establish the Mobile, Alabama office of Airbus North America. Belinda's support was exemplary—handling everything from health care to processing direct deposits. I expressed concerns about completing my greencard application and without hesitation, she agreed to help me complete my application. She was prompt in providing everything I needed for my immigration attorney. I highly recommend them. — Yves, Mechanical Engineer