employment services

Entrenched in the technical services industry for over 25 years, Alliance Solutions has a solid track record for successfully identifying hard-to-find engineers and technical professionals; and recruiting individuals who are the perfect fit for your company.

No two companies are alike, but Alliance Solutions has the expertise to recognize technical diversity. Proficient in the areas of Government FAR/DAR; small business start-up; and disadvantaged business opportunities; Alliance Solutions understands the special needs of government prime contractors and subcontractors, and we are experts at managing multiple priorities in these ever-changing, fast-pace environments.

On the employee side, Alliance Solutions are skilled in qualifying applicants through application procedures, employee and customer management information systems, and acquiring the required security components.

Streamlined to find the best of the best, the Alliance Solutions recruiting process focuses less on the quantity of potential workers, and more on the quality of likely applicants. “I had rather send you two or three of the best, than twenty partially qualified applicants,” says Alliance Solutions owner, Belinda Parton. “One perfect fit saves you money in the long run.”

With Alliance Solutions, you get full life-cycle recruitment, job requirement analysis, EOE, supplier development, and customer satisfaction. Because of our rapid growth and relationship-based partnerships, Alliance Solutions is one of the leading executive search and recruiting firms specializing in the aerospace, defense, and aircraft industries in the Southeast.

Alliance Solutions recruitment experience includes: