employment services

As a member of Alliance Solutions’ business family, you have carte blanche on a wide selection of cost-efficient staffing and management solutions, ranging from highly qualified short-term contractual professionals, to long-term technical specialists and engineers whose hiring is an investment in your company’s future.

Because we concentrate only on engineering and technical recruiting for the aerospace, missile defense, and aircraft industries, our clients often request difficult-to-find skill sets, and highly specialized talents. In addition, many of our clients are prime contractors and subcontractors themselves, working for the government. Hiring under these circumstances often requires creative strategies, quick turnarounds, and short-term as well as long-term hiring practices.

Equipped with intricately networked Pentium Systems to provide web-based management services, Alliance Solutions cuts straight to the chase with highly targeted talent searches, quick pre-screening techniques, and verification of vital data, customized to your company's individual needs and requirements.

Furthermore, Alliance Solutions offers a Payroll Referral program as an enhanced back-office service. This convenient and inexpensive option gives you the freedom of offering payroll services without the burden and time involved in processing payroll.

Whether you are an established engineering firm looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for outsourcing your staffing; or a young prime/subcontractor needing assistance building a recruitment program in a start-up or emerging growth environment, Alliance Solutions has the experience and the resources to help.