employment services

The aerospace, avionics and aircraft, and defense industries are special needs industries. By their very nature, they require flexibility in their hiring strategy; a diversity of talent and experience in their employees; and the ability to make modifications and adjustments in positions quickly and efficiently as they face challenges in government budgets, contracts, and compliance.

With over 25 years experience dealing with these challenges, Alliance Solutions does more than provide warm bodies to fill desks. We provide industry facts and statistics in the form of analytical data to enhance our knowledge about trends in salaries and benefits packages; to monitor college graduate programs so we can recruit the brightest talent straight out of school; and to stay current on the most accurate technology for prequalifying and prescreening potential workers. We can pinpoint recruits based not just on technical skills, but also on written aptitude, availability, expectations, and career goals.

Alliance Solutions walks in lock step with the aerospace, defense, and avionic industry to provide the most comprehensive management and recruiting solutions available today!