Client Services

Client Services

Because we concentrate on engineering, operations support, and technical recruiting for the aerospace, missile defense, and aircraft and aviation industries, our clients often request difficult-to-find skill sets and highly specialized talents. In addition, many of our clients are prime contractors and subcontractors themselves, working for the government. Hiring under these circumstances often requires creative strategies, quick turnarounds, and short-term as well as long-term hiring practices.

Equipped with intricately networked Pentium Systems to provide web-based management services, Alliance Solutions cuts straight to the chase with highly targeted talent searches, quick pre-screening techniques, and verification of vital data, customized to your company's individual needs and requirements.

Furthermore, Alliance Solutions offers a Payroll Referral program as an enhanced back-office service. This convenient and inexpensive option gives you the freedom of offering payroll services without the burden and time involved in processing payroll.

Whether you are an established engineering firm looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution for outsourcing your staffing; or a young prime/subcontractor needing assistance building a recruitment program in a start-up or emerging growth environment, Alliance Solutions has the experience and the resources to help.

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    Contract Labor
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    Direct Hire/Contingency Placement
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    Payroll Referral

Contract Labor
They are industries driven by winning, losing, sharing, and renewing contracts. By their very nature, missile defense, aerospace, avionics, and engineering companies all face unique recruiting challenges due to their ever-changing status and dynamic environment.

By outsourcing your contractual labor to Alliance Solutions, we facilitate this challenge by offering a flexible contract labor staffing strategy, customized to the distinctive needs of each project or contract. By providing contract labor and recruiting management services to our exclusively technical and engineering clients, we help you fill unambiguous positions quickly, proficiently, and on very short notice.

We utilize a nationwide database of technical professionals who, because their talents and skill sets are so highly specialized, can virtually take the initiative and “hit the ground running” from the first day on the job. Adaptable, versatile, decidedly knowledgeable, and generally accustomed to working short-term projects, Alliance Solutions effectively casts the right independent professional into the needed position for a finite, or even indefinite, duration.

Although contractors generally cost more on an hourly basis than a fully burdened employee, the long-term costs are significantly lower in the short-term.

It is all about balance, and Alliance Solutions offers management solutions that help you make wise fiscal decisions concerning the risks and logistics of hiring contractual, contract-to-hire, or fully burdened employees.

We offer several recruiting options, customized to fit your needs. Contact us for more information concerning fee structures, rates, and strategic hiring plans.

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Direct Hire/Contingency Placement
They pour over hundreds of resumes and applications for every job—and even after narrowing it down to the most qualified candidates—your Human Resources department or HR manager is still facing lengthy and time-consuming interviews, background checks, drug testing, reference checks, education verification, and possibly even skills-testing. Whew!

Why put your HR team through all that when Alliance Solutions can streamline the process for you using intricately networked web-based management and recruiting systems that search locally, regionally, and nationally, to pinpoint only the best candidates for each individual job, no matter how specialized the required skill sets.

For long-term, direct hire positions (also known as Contingency Placement), it is important to hire the right person – a leader who will help your company grow and prosper; a person who is an investment asset in your business; whose work ethics, business philosophy, and career ambitions match your company’s goals. The costs involved with turning over one unqualified employee in the first 3 to 6 months of the job, can be as much as five times the annual salary of a good employee.

Alliance Solutions has high retention rates with all our customers that reflect our commitment to bringing you only the best, handpicked recruits. Experienced in dealing with the special needs of government prime contractors and subcontractors, we are experts at the preliminary process. We can quickly narrow the applicant pool; pre-screen and interview the most qualified candidates; identify and test for the diversity of skills needed; and perform all the necessary checks and balances to put the right person in the right position–fast!

Alliance Solutions offers several recruiting options, customized to fit your needs. Contact us for more information concerning fee structures, rates, and strategic hiring plans.

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Staffing Management
Recruiting quality employees is one of the most time-consuming and challenging tasks a corporate Human Resources Department faces. Alliance Solutions' Staffing Management program removes this burden so your management can focus on internal operations.

There are many complicated aspects to operating a corporate Human Resources Department, from managing compliance issues like EEO and Affirmative Action, to employee verification, managing employee benefits, and conducting job analyses, to the infinitely difficult task of interviewing and recruiting the best people.

If your company's environment requires a non-stop search for high skilled technical workers and high-level management professionals, Alliance Solutions' Staffing Management program is a flexible and cost-effective means for accomplishing those goals. We can customize a Staffing Management program to fit your needs.

Alliance Solutions excels at recruiting because we know what to look for in every applicant to the technical fields whether it is an entry-level position, management, or executive position.

  • Narrow the application process
  • Multi-stage interview process
  • Pre-qualify skills and experience
  • Background investigaitons
  • Coordinate benefits packages and disability
  • Coordinate relocation packages, telecommuting, and transfers
  • Extend formal offers
  • Coordinate alternative work schedules
  • Applicant tracking and pretesting
  • Write job descriptions
  • Job retention programs
  • Consulting with HR about upcoming positions and downsizing
  • Analyze current positions
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