Referral Fee Program
Alliance Solutions' generous contractors' Referral Fee Program rewards both contract placement employees and direct hires for recommending other candidates they believe have significant qualifications in the technical fields.

Over the years, Alliance Solutions has discovered that qualified candidates for technical jobs often know of, or have worked with, like-minded individuals.

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Vetting the best candidates with advanced skill sets, specialized talents, and expert knowledge in the fields of engineering, program management, and structural design from among the millions of job seekers nationwide is a meticulous and daunting task. For that reason, we feel that by compensating employees from within our own talent-pool for referring other highly skilled employees to us, it increases our efficiency in recruiting dynamic new talent!

Whether you have friends with experience in the engineering and technical fields; a former colleague you know to be looking for another job; or an acquaintance or manager caught in a possible layoff situation, looking for upward mobility with a growing or well-established company; Alliance Solutions pays Referral Fees when those individuals are hired. Referrals for Contract Placements. The Referral Fee Program for contract placements has several payout stipulations depending on the needs of the client, the assignment duration (in some cases we pay a referral fee for temporary or short-term contracts, depending on the level of expertise required), the job description, and the hourly pay rate of the job.In the case of referrals hired through Alliance Solutions, the employee must complete a minimum of 65 days of work without reprimand, in order for the referring employee to earn the fee.The following shows a list of the most common referral positions and the approximate amount of the Referral Fee, but these are subject to variation and change:

  • Structural Designers pay a referral fee of up to $500
  • Engineers pay a referral fee of up to $1,000
  • Program Managers pay a referral fee of up to $1,200

Referrals for Direct Hires. The Referral Fee for direct hires is paid to the referring employee as a 50/50 split in the finders fee, which is based on a percentage of the new hire's annual salary. This percentage varies from customer to customer, but here is an example of this calculation:Candidate salary offer/acceptance = $80,000/year x 25% finders fee = $20,000 $20,000 x 50% = $10,000Alliance Solutions stipulates that in order for the referral employee to earn the fee, the referred employee must complete the client's probationary period (usually 120 days), although this may vary depending on the job position and the client's requirements.For more information about Alliance Solutions' Referral Fee Program, or if you would like to refer a potential employee to Alliance Solutions and have questions about how your referral fee is calculated, contact Belinda Parton.