Working with Alliance
Industry-specific while being technologically diverse, Alliance Solutions begins every customer relationship, every employee liaison, and every supportive affiliation with a grassroots analysis of their needs.

aerospace technical recruiter

Open communication with our customers helps us set achievable expectations that increase productivity, accomplish a high level of employee retention, and dramatically increase your return on investment.

By empowering our technical professionals and engineers with tools for success, they join a company fully equipped to meet the challenges of the job, as well as fulfilling their own career goals. Moreover, by building partnerships that enhance our product/service offering, Alliance Solutions provides a turnkey solution for everyone involved. Now that is what we call a winning alliance!

Building Company Relationships. Having spent many years working for engineering companies, Alliance owner, Belinda Parton is familiar with the diversity of skills needed in high tech companies and the take-command leadership qualities required for high-level program management and complex manufacturing oversight.

Alliance works one-on-one with your human resources department or HR manager to define clearly, your expectations for filling your current job openings. We then create a comprehensive plan for recruiting qualified professionals out of a nationwide database of potential applicants.

Where matching the right skill sets and experience is important, matching personalities and attitudes with company philosophy and work ethics can increase the probability of success. Some statistics show that the cost of hiring the wrong employee can range from one-half to 5 times an employee's annual salary, depending on the position. This one extra step helps eliminate wasted time and money involved in hiring the wrong person for the job.

Belinda states her company philosophy, “The right person, for the right company, equals the right position.”

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